Lot #4 - RVF DIANA 747D

Lot Information
Tattoo JJKH 747D
Registration# LFF2111598
Birth Date 05/10/2016
% 75
HPS Homo Polled
Color Homo Black


• When selecting females, we put emphasis on balance. A balance of actual performance, calculated performance and pedigree. This 75% Lim-Flex female is a direct daughter of RVF Black Ice, our replacement female who traces back to our donor MAGS Thin Ice.

• RVF Diana 747D is homozygous polled and homozygous black and posts a impeccable performance profile. She consistently reads with desirable data across all growth and maternal traits. She is a dream to mate, due to her balanced numbers.

• A grand daughter of Conneal Consensus and tracing back to AUTO Rebeca 292S, DHVO Deuce and MAGS Puddles.