Lot #1 - RVF DELANI 751D

Lot Information
Tattoo JJKH 751D
Registration# LFF2111602
Birth Date 05/20/2016
% 75
HPS Homo Polled
Color Homo Black


• MAGS Rags to Riches is no stranger to success in TN! Her famed donor career started at Deer Valley and has continued bountifully here at Riverside Valley. Being a daughter of Rags to Riches makes RVF Delannie 751D a granddaughter of WULF Fruitful, the once National Champion and renown donor.

• Sired by MAGS Zoned, the working sire that we have became so dependent on for the additional look and eye appeal that he is passing on to his progeny in a highly predictable fashion.

• RVF Denali 751D has been soft middled and sound structured since she outgrew her newborn stage, she is sure one that we like quite a bit.

• Ranking in the top 15% of the breed for REA and CW epd, as well as being homozygous black and homozygous polled makes RVF Denali 751D a desirable option for producing high yielding progeny.