Lot #20 - 5 Embryos - MAGWL Usual Suspect X OCCC122Z

Lot Information
% 75% Lim-Flex
HPS Homozygous Polled
Color Red


High powered package here! OCCC 122Z is one of those females that you start studying at the ground THINKING you have found a great one and work your way up to a deep middle, huge hip and bold rib shape; by the time you have made your way up to her massive top, you KNOW you have found a great one. When mated with one of the premier Limousin show bulls of all time, MAGWL Usual Suspect, the expectations are now in a league of their own. 122Z is a great spread cow, she ranges from a .5 BW to 100 YW and is homozygous polled.
Sire's Pedigree/EPDs Dam's Pedigree/EPDs