Lot #4 - OCCC Constances 190C

Lot Information
Tattoo OCCC190C
Registration# LFF2085450
Birth Date 04/01/2015
% 29
HPS Homozygous Polled
Color Double Black


Oh my, dial your Angus friends and tell them what you have discovered! OCCC Constances go directly back maternally to the one and only White Fence Pride H1, the now deceased $100,000 dam of BR New Frontier and Lemmon Newsline. This is a rare opportunity to invest in one of the very best Angus cow families in existence. Taking nothing away from her the famous MAGS San Jose that is represented in the top side of her pedigree, an equally impress female in her own right. This homozygous polled donor prospect is such an intriguing package, that you can’t help let your mind wonder with mating options and dreaming about the potential in the future.

Consigned by Owen Cattle Company, Hornbeak, TN

Pedigree/EPDs Performance Report (PDF)