Lot #17 - 5 Embryos - EBFL Ypsilanti 420Y X AUTO Mobile 248Y

Lot Information
% 59% Lim-Flex
HPS Homozygous Polled
Color Homozygous Black


AUTO Mobile is an up and coming donor out of AUTO Neva 234N, who you can write novels about in the Pinegar program. Studying the production reports on 234N you will notice that she has an average weaning weight ratio of 101 and 104 for yearling weight on 56 progeny. With this powerful cow family blended with the exciting new sire, EBFL Ypsilanti 402Y, there are many opportunities for this mating.

Consigned by Riverside Valley Farm, Hohenwald, TN

Sire's Pedigree/EPDs Dam's Pedigree/EPDs