Lot #8 - CJLM CLYDE 3123C

Lot Information
Tattoo CJLM 3123C
Registration# LFM2093608
Birth Date 04/21/2015
% 40
HPS Double Polled
Color Double Black


Last but certainly not least in this spring’s bull offering is CJLM Clyde 3123C. 3123C is the absolute favorite of the clipping and picturing crew, he is for lack of better words, a “freak” in his design. He is super long and clean fronted, ties in absurdly high at the top of his shoulder and is built on one of the most solid foundations we have seen in a long time. His appearance alone will make your head spin, but then when you take into consideration that he is a double bred EXT, yet is super quiet to be around, it really makes things intriguing. If anyone thinks that the Lim-Flex don’t have enough muscle, they need to spend some time evaluating the shape and expression in 3123C. In terms of pedigree, he has an Angus lineage that most Angus guys would be jealous of! Predestined, EXT, Mix Wix 663 and 8180 all wrapped up in one visual delight of an athletic package.