Lot #4 - PBRS 7238E

Lot Information
Tattoo ELCX 7238E
Registration# LFF2128417
Birth Date 09/01/2017
% 50
HPS Double Polled
Color Double Black


This double black (homozygous black by pedigree) and double polled heifer is sired by the popular Riverstone Crown Royal. He is the highly syndicated sire TMCK Durham Wheat and from the Riverstone famed donor HSF Your Fantasy. Riverstone Crown Royal was one of the top selling bulls in Canada in year 2016 and his first calves are highlighted here in this sale. He is owned by Stowers Limousin, Bridgeport, TX, P Bar S Ranch, Sand Springs, OK and Canadian rights are owned by Riverstone Cattle Company. He is not on the open market at this time and which makes his calves that much more appealing to most prominent breeders. Crown Royal just happens to be a full brother to the newly purchased herd sire for Edwards Land & Cattle Co., Riverstone Exodus as well as the breed’s most prominent show heifer to ever exist in the entire breed, Riverstone Charmed. She is the leading donor for the Ratliff Family and partial embryo interest is owned by Stowers Limousin.
One of the best crosses with Riverstone Crown Royal is being mated to purebred Angus females. This young heifer that came off a cow that was purchased in the P Bar S Ranch program and sired by the Buford Angus sire BUF/KLR Blackhawk W969. The reason this heifer is so good is she gets the “show look” from her sire and the added rib shape and volume from her Angus dam. The blending of the two has created a very appealing show heifer in this Lot 4.