Lot #2 - DBGR525C

Lot Information
Tattoo DBGR525C
Registration# LFF2094957
Name DBGR Champagne 525C ET
Birth Date 11/18/2015
Sex Cow
% 62%
HPS Homo Polled (T)
Color Homo Black (T)


DBGR Champagne 525C is homozygous polled and homozygous black daughter of the big numbered MAGS Xukalani, who excels from birth to rail in terms of statistical rankings. She is double digits for CED, in the top 20% for MB and top 25% for MTI. This prestigious females recorded a WW ratio of 108 in an early weaning scenario. This maternal sibling to past NJS champion and now donor, AUTO Luckie Too 423Y, combines so much that is good about our breed into one complete package.