Lot #5 - DBGR515C

Lot Information
Tattoo DBGR515C
Registration# LFF2095579
Name DBGR Jose 515C ET
Birth Date 09/12/2015
Sex Cow
% 37%
HPS Homo Polled (T)
Color Homo Black (T)


If your in the market for one who is absolutely stacked in terms of numbers, there isn’t a reason to look any further. 515C is one of the very top data females to be offered in a public setting thus far this spring. She is in the top 15% of the breed for CED, BW and WW; top 10% for TM; top 2 % for CW; and top 1% for YW and $MTI. This combined with the fact that she is a direct daughter of EBFL San Jose 422Y and the especially popular Angus sire, AAR Ten X 7008 S A makes this female very special and unique.