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Lot Information
Tattoo MCBN 667D
Registration# LFM2104268
Birth Date 08/18/2016
% 50
HPS Homo Polled
Color Homo Black


BW: 70 lbs.; WW: 778 lbs.; YW: 1,358 lbs.

MCBN Donnie Darko 667D is a name that you won’t forget anytime soon! Not because of the uniqueness of it, but because you are going to hear it time and time again. This bull is a legitimate answer to your Lim-Flex sire needs; he is flawless in his design and mobility, backed by a powerhouse cow family and one of the few true birth to yearling spread bulls on the market.
667D is homozygous black and homozygous polled and goes back maternally to LVLS Miss Blackbird 111U, who is one of the truly dominant females in the breed. In terms of numbers, Donnie Darko is a 10 CED, 118 YW and in the top 15% for MB and top 10% for $MTI.

REA 16.97  / IMF 3.66