Lot #3 - MCBN Dark Shadows 681D

Lot Information
Tattoo MCBN 681D
Registration# LFF2104273
Birth Date 08/25/2016
% 50
HPS Homo Polled
Color Double Black


A.I. on 11/24/17 to MAGS Aviator 373A
MAGS Eagle is one of the most popular sires of the past decade. He is homozygous black and homozygous polled and has sired sale toppers from coast to coast. It is daughters like 681D who will carry his impact into the next decade. Spread cattle that consistently rank in the top 10-15% across the board from CED to YW and then post similar percentile rankings for MB and $MTI will always have a place in the industry and be profit generators in the Limousin breed.
REA 14.00  / IMF 4.17